What Do Our Pacific Neighbours Need From Us?


The Pacific Islands contain some of our nearest neighbours, and yet most Australians know little about life in the Pacific. Life for the 13 million Pacific Islanders varies from country to country, but for many it is a daily struggle to get access to decent food, shelter, healthcare and education. And for women and girls in the Pacific, who face constant battles as a result of gender inequalities, including threats to their own safety and security, limited control over their bodies, and little participation in decision-making, life is an endless grind.


So how do we begin to understand the complexities of life in the Pacific? And with 20,000 – 30,000 islands in the region, how do we determine where the need is greatest? What are some of the biggest challenges that Pacific Islanders face? And what can we as Australians do to help address the poverty problems that afflict so much of the region?

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  • Venue Lake Kawana Community Centre,
  • Date & time 21/08/2012 6:30:00 PM


What Do Our Pacific Neighbours Need From Us