Can They Work Together?

Traditions, Culture and International Development

Culture is crucial to people's sense of identity; it can define the way human beings live and interact on both local and global scales; it can exert a strong influence on human behaviour, potentially affecting economic choices and business decisions, as well as political and social behaviour and the roles of men and women in society.

Poverty can render people powerless which makes them vulnerable to the influences of more powerful organisations and institutions, often from foreign countries. With millions of people around the world living in poverty, it stands to reason that the key to effective, sustainable development is understanding and respecting the culture of developing communities.

But, what happens when culture is invoked to oppose change, such as more equal relationships between men and women, or the eradication of harmful traditional practices? 

How do we best engage with communities in developing countries in a culturally sensitive manner when devising aid and development projects? Who defines culture and how do we best support and respect the role of culture and its significance to women’s and men’s lives, while also supporting groups seeking positive change?

This forum will feature a special performance from Georgia Germain from 6:10pm-6:30pm


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  • Venue Cinema 9, Palace Nova ,
  • Date & time 22/03/2012 6:30:00 PM