Refugees: Where Do They Come From?


Refugees and asylum seekers have been a topic of hot debate in Australia for over a decade. With all the hype around this topic and considering the 5.2 million recognised refugees and 42 million displaced people worldwide, we must ask ourselves - what is it that forces so many to leave their homelands and the familiarity of their heritage?

Many flee for fear of persecution due to race, religion, nationality or sometimes simply due to a political opinion that is deemed inappropriate. Then there are others who are forced to leave due to civil conflict, famine, drought or natural disaster. Every single one is a real person, not just a number. They are refugees, not by choice, but by necessity. 

So what needs to happen to prevent so many from being driven from their homes, often in fear of their lives? What needs to occur to halt the environmental changes affecting them and to facilitate peace-building where it’s needed? How can we help those affected by such desperate circumstances? And how do we ensure their safety as they search for somewhere safe to start over?

How can we, as global citizens, prevent so many women and men, boys and girls, from having to endure such horrific circumstances? And how can we empower them to address the issues before the situation becomes so unbearable that fleeing is the only option left?

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  • Venue Octagon Theatre, University of Western Australia,
  • Date & time 22/02/2013 6:00:00 PM 5:00pm - 6:30pm


Refugees: Where Do They Come From?
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