Not Everyone Gets To Eat Like We Do

For most of us, food is available whenever we want. In Australia, good food is readily available, relatively cheap and easy to access. However, there are millions in the world who can’t afford food or what they do eat is so inadequate that they are malnourished, which leaves them vulnerable to disease or starvation.

Over one billion people – 50 times the population of Australia – go hungry every day, and double that are susceptible to periods without food. Currently, in the Horn of Africa 12.5 million people are starving and experts predict that famine could affect up to 50 million over the next four years.

Why is this? Poverty, inequality, land ownership, environmental issues and market exploitation are some of the reasons behind these problems.

So what can Australians can do to address the situation that sees half the world as malnourished and the other half as obese?

What is a human being’s right to food? And how can we conquer this ongoing food crisis?

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  • Venue Quality Hotel Lord Forrest,
  • Date & time 23/02/2012 6:30:00 PM


Not Everyone Gets to Eat Like We Do