The successes and challenges of international aid

Are we making a difference?

The world’s poorest face a constant battle to survive. They have inadequate access to health, education and other services. They face problems of hunger, malnutrition and disease. They are also typically marginalised from society and have little representation or voice in public and political debates making it even harder to escape poverty. And with women and girls making up a disproportionate number of world’s poorest, but often being the most afflicted, how can we ensure their voices are heard and needs and rights addressed as well?

International aid is one way to help. But when it comes to the distribution of aid there are many opinions on the best method. So how do we ensure that the $5.2 billion that the Australian Government plans to spend in 2012-13 is being used most effectively? How do we ensure that aid is creating lasting and sustainable change? What say do the world’s poor have in how the money is spent? And most importantly, are we doing enough?

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  • Venue Albury Entertainment Centre,
  • Date & time 20/06/2012 6:00:00 PM


Are We Making a Difference? The Successes and Challenges of International Aid
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