Food security and the developing world

Will the world be able to feed itself in 2050?

Poverty is at the root of why more than 800 million people are chronically hungry and up to two billion people lack food security. This forum will explore challenges and options in building a secure, equitable global food system that is sustainable for the long term.

  • What is needed to overcome the current crisis and ensure global food security for future generations?

  • What will be the impact of the looming energy crisis on food supply, especially in developing countries?

  • How should we address the inequalities in land access that help perpetuate poverty?

  • How can we best ensure space for traditional ecological farming and land management practices?

  • How can we better support women’s role in food security, given they produce much of the world’s food?

  • Venue Adelaide Town Hall auditorium 128 King William Street,
  • Date & time 10/09/2008 9:01:01 AM


Population reduction is the way to attack poverty.

We can improve crop production. We can feed the hungry. We can improve world health. These will not remove poverty or decrease the number of hungry people overall. Providing ...

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