How do we feed the world's 800 million people?

We all need food - but do we all get it?

In Australia, rising food prices over the last three years have made shopping more expensive. In developing countries, unequal access to food is a life and death issue. More than 800 million people do not get enough regular, healthy food and up two billion people lack food security. There is enough food in the world for everyone … if it were evenly distributed. But it isn’t.

What are the links between poverty, hunger, technology, how food is grown, education, climate, conflict, and inequality between men and women, girls and boys?

Why doesn’t everyone get enough to eat?

What effects does it have on people and communities, and what can the world - and we in particular - do about it?

This forum has been designed for VELS Level 6 and will aid student understandings in:

  • Geography “investigate at least two development topics from a range of perspectives.”
  • Economics “interpret reports about current economic conditions, both national and global and explain how these can effect producers, consumers and policymakers.”
  • Civics and Citizenship “analyse an issue from a global perspective and describe the role of global organisations in responding to international issues.”
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  • Venue Costa Lecture Theatre, Deakin University, VIC,
  • Date & time 3/03/2009 12:45:00 PM


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