Toward Transformation: The Rise of the Girl

The 11th of October marks the second ever International Day of the Girl. This year, we are honoring this important day with a special One Just World event celebrating the forthcoming launch of Girl Rising - a powerful and innovative feature film by Academy Award-nominated director, Richard E. Robbins.

This day provides an opportunity to highlight the real stories of girls who have been faced with extreme challenges as a result of having been born into poverty or societies which don’t always recognise girls as having equal rights to boys.
Around the world, an untold number of girls are sold into bonded labour, often suffering extreme abuse and maltreatment. Others are forced into early marriage against their will, shattering any chance of realising their hopes and dreams. Then there are the millions of girls who are subjected to other forms of violence, exploitation and abuse.

This is the fate of an unfathomable number of girls around the world. So what is the answer?

Evidence suggests that education is the key to empowering and transforming the lives of girls, which in turn has an enormous impact on their communities and by extension, the world.

So how does this work - how does educating girls have an effect on reducing the likelihood of exploitation and abuse? What are some of the innovations we’re seeing in the area of girls’ education? What role can men play in helping to break these patterns? And how can all of this make a contribution to alleviating poverty?
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  • Venue Verbrugghen Hall (Conservatorium of Music), University of Sydney,
  • Date & time 9/10/2013 6:00:00 PM 6:00pm - 7:30pm


Toward Transformation: The Rise of the Girl