We know it will get hotter, drier, wetter, stormier, and that the seas will rise, but what will happen to people ... especially the poor?

The Human Face of Climate Change

The evidence is indisputable. The impacts of climate change are already a fact of life for many of Australia’s near neighbours in Asia and the Pacific.

  • What do you do when you lose your land and risk losing your nation to climate change?
  • What are the consequences when you become a refugee in your own country?
  • What will be the effects on women and children who are often the most vulnerable?
  • What responsibility does Australia have towards our neighbours?
  • What are Australia’s options for responding to the present and future impacts of climate
  • change on neighbouring countries?
  • What action should we all take?
  • Venue The Great Hall, UTS, Sydney, NSW,
  • Date & time 20/08/2009 6:00:00 PM