A Global Imperative

Protecting Mother and Child

Imagine living in a world where one of the most dangerous things you can do is get pregnant. For mothers living in some parts of the world, this can be the reality. Every day approximately 800 women die needlessly from preventable diseases related to pregnancy and child birth.  And despite incredible medical advancements made in maternal and child healthcare, in some countries a mother is still more likely to die in childbirth than she is to finish secondary school.

Lack of access to crucial health services, pre-natal check ups, trained midwifes, safe and effective contraception and a lack of education on their importance all continue to put the health and well being of countless mothers and children at risk. With the absence of these services, an easily treated medical condition, such as high blood pressure, can quickly become a death sentence.

We now know that maternal and child health is crucial to the fight against poverty. The death of a mother and her baby not only has a devastating effect on the health and well being of her surviving children, but can help keep entire communities locked in a cycle of poverty .  

With so many mothers and children dying needlessly each day, can it truly be said that this problem is getting the attention it deserves? Is enough is being done to protect mothers and their children? And what can we, as an international community and global citizens, do to help? 
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  • Venue Waterfront Rooms 2 & 3,
  • Date & time 15/08/2013 6:00:00 PM 6:00pm - 7:30pm


Protecting Mother and Child A Global Imperative