Who’s Being Left Behind?

Overcoming Poverty in the Classroom

We know one of the best ways to overcome poverty is with education. Education transforms lives and has the power to lift children, their families and entire communities out of poverty. But as the 2015 deadline for the Millennium Development Goal of universal primary education looms large, it’s becoming clear this may be out of reach. So what are the barriers preventing children getting the education they deserve?

Inequality, discrimination and a lack of access to school infrastructure means many children living in developing countries have little chance of seeing the inside of a classroom and realising their full potential. Even for the children who do manage to get to school – completing their education is often out of the question.

Girls, in particular, often miss out and are more likely to be withdrawn from school to help their families who may be struggling to survive. For children with disabilities, one of the most excluded groups in society today, accessing an education can be almost impossible, particularly in rural communities where school infrastructure is already stretched to the limit or is non- existent. And even when schools do exist, many families simply cannot afford the fees and may not recognise the impact and potential long term value of education.

So how do we ensure no child is left behind? What measures can be taken to ensure education is truly inclusive, and every child has the chance to follow their hopes and dreams? Can this even be done?

Or is the quest for universal education nothing more than a pipe dream?

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  • Date & time 2/05/2013 12:16:59 PM 6:00pm - 7:30pm


Overcoming Poverty in the Classroom Who's Being Left Behind
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