Overcoming Barriers - Living with a Disability in the Developing World

People with a disability are among the poorest and most vulnerable in the world, particularly in developing countries. If you have a disability you are more likely to be poor and if you are poor you are more likely to have a disability. So we cannot really deal with poverty effectively if we continue to ignore or avoid disability.

Due to the social stigma that often surrounds disability and a chronic lack of resources, many people living with disabilities do not have educational or economic opportunities. Far too often such ‘investment’ is seen as a waste of already scarce resources on people who are believed to be unable to contribute to community life or national economic growth. 

Having a disability can mean being unable to earn a living or to participate in decision making and community life; being at greater risk of social exclusion. It also can mean facing increased risk of abuse or rape, particularly for women and girls. To add to this, just carrying out tasks that many of us don’t even have to think about, like collecting water, cooking or maintaining basic hygiene, present extreme challenges.

In reality, many people living with a disability are productive members of society who would contribute even more if given the opportunity to do so. Many of the solutions are simple and inexpensive, so why aren’t we doing more to change attitudes and to help people with disabilities, our fellow human beings, overcome the unnecessary barriers they face? 

In June 2011, the first ever World Report on Disability was released, shedding light on some of the challenges and triumphs experienced by people with disabilities and making recommendations for the future. So, how are we tracking one year on?

*This venue and its amenities are wheelchair accessible. Auslan interpreters will be present at this event - please advise us if you require front row seating to better access this service by emailing: contactus@onejustworld.com.au

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  • Venue Old Parliament House,
  • Date & time 22/05/2012 6:00:00 PM


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