Or is it a human right?

Is food only for those who can afford it?

In Australia, food prices have risen by between 40 and 100 percent over the last three years, creating real problems for individuals and families. But this is nothing compared to what has been happening in the world’s poorest countries, where more than 800 million people do not get enough to eat and suffer from malnutrition. Most of us are aware of the long-term effects of malnutrition: poor health, shorter life-spans and developmental problems for young children. The irony is that there is enough food in the world for everyone, if it were evenly distributed. So, does this mean that food is only for those who can afford it, or is it a basic human right?


  • Venue Costa Hall, Deakin University, VIC,
  • Date & time 3/03/2009 5:00:00 PM