What can Australia do?

Ending poverty in Africa

Africa is the furthest off track in achieving the UN Millennium Development Goals, which aim to help 2 billion people worldwide climb out of poverty towards a better life. With great geographic and cultural richness and significant natural resources, there are areas that are moving ahead. But for millions, the future looks bleak.

In sub-Saharan Africa, 30% of people are malnourished, and 1 in every 6 children dies before the age of 5, with almost 90% of all children living with HIV/AIDS. African women face a 1-in-22 chance of dying in pregnancy or childbirth – more than 300 times higher than industrialised countries. Governance is poor.

Why has development proved so challenging for Africa? Is it locked into a cycle of dysfunction?

The Australian government is increasing its aid and development focus on Africa, particularly in food security and agriculture, maternal and child health, and water and sanitation.

Are these the areas to focus on? What about governance reforms to overcome corruption and allow business to prosper? Empowering women to speak up and to lead? Can aid lead to long-term change or is local economic activity the real engine of growth and development?

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