How can we do it better?

Does aid work?

Finding out whether or not aid works is a major issue preoccupying governments, think tanks and non-government organisations working in international development across the globe. Those who give money, time and resources want development and humanitarian organisations to demonstrate what difference they make, to whom and at what cost.

But what should we be measuring?

  • What does ’success’ look like for communities and governments receiving aid?
  • For implementers of aid programs?
  • For donors?
  • Who should be accountable for the outcomes achieved - and to whom?

These big questions of aid effectiveness will be confronted at this forum. Come and join the debate and find out what works in helping people and communities overcome poverty.

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  • Venue The Great Hall, UTS, Sydney NSW,
  • Date & time 17/03/2009 5:00:00 PM


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