Development in Good Faith?

The influence of faith on the lives of much of the world’s population is undeniable, with 80% identifying with a religion. In many countries faith is fundamental to the way society operates, influencing the way people form relationships, lead their daily lives and approach issues like community development, poverty alleviation and inequality.

Generally speaking, at the core of faith are the pillars of an honourable life; behaviour, values and morals that are imparted from birth and reinforced daily. It also offers a sense of security and hope to those who may have suffered injustice, deprivation or war. 


Yet history is also riddled with examples of where the complexity of the relationship between people, their faith and the faith of others has resulted in prolonged periods of instability and violence. Fierce and lengthy battles have been fought to maintain, regain and expand territory in the name of religion. 

So how does this apply in the context of delivering aid and international development? 

Does our global history of conflict, power struggles and missionary failures suggest that faith should not play a role in development? Or can religion act as an agent of goodwill, helping to create meaningful pathways to foster positive change and improve the lives of the most disadvantaged? And where it is a prominent feature in a community, is it even feasible to attempt to separate faith from development?

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  • Venue Pacific Cultures Gallery,
  • Date & time 25/07/2013 8:00:00 PM 6:00pm - 7:30pm


Development in Good Faith?
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