The impacts of carbon trading on the world’s poor

Carbon Trading Exposed

The devastating effects of climate change are already a reality for many communities across the globe. Climate change has been called the greatest long-term threat that humanity faces. Left unabated, it will impact on everyone, and most significantly on the world’s poor who are least responsible for the problem.


There is growing international support for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. The question is whether the introduction of carbon trading schemes is part of the solution. Australia is developing an emissions trading scheme. Schemes are already operating in 27 European countries. Twenty-eight states and provinces in the US and Canada are introducing emissions trading, as is New Zealand. Japan is considering introducing a scheme.. This forum will explore answers to questions including:

What will be the impact of carbon trading on the world’s poor?

What will its effect be on women in developing countries?

Can carbon trading schemes be established to help poor communities overcome poverty?

What roles do business, government, non-government organisations and individuals have to play?

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  • Venue Adelaide Town Hall, 128 King William Street, Adelaide,
  • Date & time 15/07/2009 6:00:00 PM