Securing the future of the Pacific

Beyond Paradise

The Pacific Islands conjure up images of romantic lagoons and idyllic lifestyles. Dig deeper and you find a collection of fragile states especially vulnerable due to their small size, limited economic diversity, remoteness from major trade and commercial centres, unsustainable exploitation of natural resources, and weak governance. Economic gains have been weak, volatile, and unequally distributed. There are conflicting views about the balance between western models of economic development and subsistence agriculture that still sustains the majority of island populations. Limited services and infrastructure outside urban areas constrain access to health, education and markets. Social instability has deeply affected communities and hampered growth. Growing populations pose challenges for sustainable development. With a big percentage of the region’s population under 25, improving options for young people is critical, as is addressing women’s virtual exclusion from decision making at all levels so they can help shape a different future. Yet for all these challenges, the Pacific remains a place of great natural and cultural diversity and resilient, creative communities. How can the region build on its assets to attain durable peace and prosperity.

  • Venue State Library, South Bank, Brisbane QLD,
  • Date & time 22/07/2009 6:00:00 PM