Beyond Charity: Incorporating Human Rights into Development

'Helping the needy’ was the charitable impulse that first inspired international aid in the 20th century. Now, concepts of participation, empowerment, accountability and rights are the foundation for many government, non-government and multilateral aid programs. Rights-based approaches integrate the norms, standards and principles of the international human rights system into the aims and processes of development. Some see such approaches as central to sustainable development. But rights-based approaches also raise important issues. How should we balance individual and social rights? To what extent should development focus on advancing rights compared with other goals such as promoting security or trade? How do we ensure real participation for the most marginalised? And what’s the report card to date – where are we on the charity-rights spectrum?

  • Venue Fremantle Town Hall,
  • Date & time 29/08/2008 6:00:00 PM