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Princess Kasune Zulu
Princess Kasune Zulu Global HIV and AIDS advocate and activist

<p>Princess Kasune Zulu is the co-author of a new autobiographical book on HIV/AIDS and Extreme Poverty, 'Warrior Princess'. Warrior Princess was released internationally in 2010. It currently sits in the top 5% of books for the USA and is being translated into Korean and French. This book was co-authored with Australian Belinda Collins. She is the founder of Fountain of Life, a Non Government Organization (NGO) that works with vulnerable children in rural Africa in the areas of education and Health, and is currently supporting 405 children at a primary school in rural Zambia. Princess Zulu has been an HIV/AIDS advocate and activist since learning of her HIV positive status in 1997. Instead of falling into despair when she was told she most likely only had 6 months to live, Princess emerged in her own little town as a force for breaking the silence, stigma and discrimination of HIV. In 1998 at the age 21, she became the host and producer of her own national syndicated radio talk show, 'Positive Living'. This show ran for over 5 years and in 8 languages, and within a few months of its first broadcast, won recognition by the American Embassy of Zambia for 'Excellence in Broadcasting on HIV and AIDS'. From her humble beginnings as a village girl ,she has become a world renowned advocate for children, especially orphans and for those infected with and affected by HIV and AIDS. Princess now splits her time living between USA and Zambia, she is married and is the mother of 2 biological and 5 adopted children.</p>

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