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Sakena Yacoobi
Dr Sakena Yacoobi Executive Director and founder of the Afghan Institute of Learning

Established to provide education and health services to women and children, the Afghan Institute of Learning has provided services to seven million Afghans by working at the grassroots level. The Afghan Institute of Learning was the first organization to offer human rights and leadership training to Afghan women and first to open Women’s Learning Centers. Dr Yacoobi is a Senior Ashoka fellow and has received multiple awards and honors, including the Jonathan Mann Award for Global Health and Human Rights, the Peter Gruber Foundation Women’s Rights Prize, the Henry R. Kravis Award for Leadership and three honorary doctorates.

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Natasha Yacoub
Natasha Yacoub International Human Rights Lawyer, UNHCR

<p>Natasha Yacoub is an international human rights lawyer who graduated from Adelaide University Law School. After working with the Australian Federal Government in the Office of International Law, she spent the past 11 years working with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). This has taken her on postings from Egypt to Ireland to Australia and the Pacific. Then, after more than two years in Darfur in the Sudan, she moved to the United Nations Headquarters in New York where she worked on issues before the Security Council and General Assembly.</p> <p>Having engaged in protection of civilians in warzones as well as bordering countries to which refugees have fled, she has maintained a strong focus on finding solutions for women and girls. She has also advocated for the inclusion of women's voices in peace processes.</p>

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Jeswynn Yogaratnam
Jeswynn Yogaratnam Human Rights Law academic at Charles Darwin University and a Hearing Commissioner with the Northern Territory Anti-Discrimination Commission

<p>Jeswynn Yogaratnam is a Human Rights Law academic at Charles Darwin University and a Hearing Commissioner with the Northern Territory Anti-Discrimination Commission. He also a scholar at Australian National University researching on mental health policies of people in immigration detention.</p> <p>In 2009 his research team secured an AusAID grant to work on improving access to justice in Timor-Leste for women in gender violence. This led to the Parliamentary Roundtable in Canberra on policy and law development pertaining to Gender Violence in South Pacific. In 2010 he was awarded the Australasian Law Teachers Award for Outstanding Early Career Academic in Research. In 2011 Jeswynn founded the Northern Territory Council for Human Rights Education. The Council has secured Federal Government grants for human rights education in remote community schools. Jeswynn has also been actively involved in the Race Relations Roundtable and consultation on National Strategy Against Racism.</p> <p> </p>

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Stella Young
Stella Young Disability advocate, broadcaster and comedian

<p>Stella Young is a comedian, disability advocate and Editor of ABC’s Ramp Up website, the online space for news, discussion and opinion about disability in Australia.</p> <p>She has been active in the disability community in a variety of roles, including membership of the Victorian Disability Advisory Council, Ministerial Advisory Council for the Department of Victorian communities and Women With Disabilities Victoria. Stella was a two-time state finalist in the Melbourne International Comedy Festival's Raw Comedy competition; and has hosted eight seasons of Australia's first disability culture program No Limits, aired on Channel 31 and community stations across the country.</p> <p>With a strong interest in issues facing women and young people with disabilities, Stella has worked with the Youth Disability Advocacy Service to establish the LiveAccess project, advocating for better access to live music venues. She holds a degree in Journalism from Deakin University and a Diploma of Secondary Education from the University of Melbourne. Prior to joining the ABC, Stella worked in Public Programs at Melbourne Museum, where she taught kids about bugs, dinosaurs and other weird and wonderful things.</p> <p>If she could get away with it, she’d spend a very large percentage of her spare time knitting.<br />  </p>

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