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Ian Satchwell
Ian Satchwell Director, International Mining for Development Centre

<p>The International Mining for Development Centre is a joint venture between University of Western Australia, University of Queensland and the Australian Government through AusAID. The Centre provides practical advisory, education and training services to developing nations across mining-related issues. <br /> <br /> Ian has 25 years of experience in mining and development policy at state, national and international levels, operating at the business-government-community interface. For the past 10 years, he has held management roles in national economics consultancy firms, advising industry and government on a broad range of issues. Previously, Ian was a manager within four different minerals and energy industry bodies. Ian is a regular visitor to countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America.<br />  </p>

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Benson Saulo
Benson Saulo 2011 Australian Youth Ambassador to the United Nations

Benson Igua Saulo is a descendent of the Wemba Wemba and Gunditjmara Nations of Western Victoria and the New Ireland Provence of Papua New Guinea. Benson grew up in Tamworth NSW and began working for ANZ at the age of 15. He graduated High School in 2005 before moving to study a Bachelor of Business at the University of Technology, Sydney. At 20 years old, Benson was promoted to Assistant Manager in Business Banking and in 2009 Benson moved to Melbourne, Victoria to take up a position as Business Analyst at ANZ. In April 2011, Benson was appointed the Australian Youth Ambassador to the United Nations. He is the first Indigenous Australian to be appointed since its inception in 1999. At 23, Benson has been based in New York at the Australian Permanent Mission to the United Nations as the vocal point for Australian Youth within the 3rd Committee and subsequent Resolution Negotiations.

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Angela Savage
Angela Savage Author Behind the Night Bazaar and The Half-Child

In 1992, Angela  Savage visited Southeast Asia on a six-month scholarship and stayed six years. She assisted the Lao Red Cross to establish its Program on HIV/AIDS, then set up and headed the Australian Red Cross HIV/AIDS Mekong subregional program, initially from Hanoi and later Bangkok. She returned to her hometown of Melbourne in 1998 to fulfil her dream of becoming a novelist. Her short story The Mole on the Temple won third prize at the Sisters in Crime Scarlet Stiletto Awards in 1998. Her first novel, Behind the Night Bazaar, published by Text Publishing in 2006, won the 2004 Victorian Premier’s Literary Award in the unpublished manuscript category. It was shortlisted for the 2007 Ned Kelly Awards as Best First Book. Angela’s second novel, The Half-Child, will be published in August 2010. Angela has spent several years with Sexual Health and Family Planning Australia, working mostly in the South Pacific, and currently heads up a peak body of community development organisations in Melbourne.

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Nick Savaidis
Nick Savaidis Founder, Etiko Fair Trade

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George Savvides
George Savvides Managing Director of Medibank Private

Managing Director of Medibank Private, Australia’s largest private health insurer, covering nearly three million people and representing about 30% of the market. Mr Savvides is a Councillor of the Australian Health Insurance Association and the International Federation of Health Plans, and a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Company Directors. He is also a Director of World Vision Australia and World Vision International, and Director of the Australian Centre for Health Research Limited - all of which gives him a special insight into the partnerships that can be achieved between business and the community to contribute to international development.

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Catherine Scerri
Catherine Scerri Development Manager, Bahay Tuluyan, Philippines

Catherine Scerri, a lawyer from Melbourne, has worked as the Development Manager at Bahay Tuluyan, a Filipino non government organisation, since 2003. Catherine’s passion for human rights and particularly children’s rights, led her to the Philippines where she works with children in need of special protection, developing programs to empower them to realize their rights. Catherine has been a strong advocate against the practice of ‘rounding up’ street children and authored a UNICEF-sponsored study about the practice in the Philippines in 2009. Currently, the chair of the Committee on Street Children in the National Council for Social Development she is working with other NGOs and the national government in the Philippines to improve programs and services for vulnerable children, particularly street children. For more information about Bahay Tuluyan visit

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Julianne Schultz
Dr Julianne Schultz Professor, Centre for Public Culture and Ideas, Griffith University

Dr Schultz is Professor at the Centre for Public Culture and Ideas, Griffith University, author or editor of more than 20 books and the founding editor of Griffith Review, an award-winning topical literary and public affairs quarterly. A former journalist, Dr Schultz was General Manager, Corporate Strategy and Communications at the ABC, and prior to this the Perspectives Editor and columnist at The Courier Mail. Dr Schultz was part of the Independent Steering Committee and co-chair of the Creative Australia discussion area for the Australia 2020 Summit.

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Jess Scully
Jess Scully Curator, TEDxSydney and Festival Director, Vivid Ideas

<p> Jess Scully is a curator and festival director exploring the crucial role the arts and creative industries will play in building a more inclusive and sustainable future.</p> <p> <o:p></o:p></p> <p> <span style="line-height: 18px;">In December 2013 Jess will present the Sydney chapter of Kids Hack Day, in collaboration with Thinkspace at the Powerhouse Museum, a global project to revolutionise education by empowering kids with the skills they need to become creators - not just consumers - of a digital world. </span><br /> <br /> <span style="line-height: 18px;">In 2014 Jess will return for a sixth year as the festival director of </span><span style="line-height: 18px;">Vivid Ideas</span><span style="line-height: 18px;">, the creative and cultural pillar of Vivid Sydney. In 2012, The Guardian named Vivid Sydney as one of the top ten ideas festivals in the world: through Vivid Ideas, Jess brings together practitioners and thinkers from across the creative world to share visions for an imagination-powered economy.</span></p> <p> <o:p></o:p></p> <p> As one of the curators of TEDxSydney, Jess works to bring stories about education, innovation and development to one of the most influential public platforms in the Asia Pacific. Jess is also the public art and culture consultant for Green Square Library and Plaza and maintains a connection to media by presenting sohotrightnow, a weekly arts and culture radio show on 2SER.</p>

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Clare Seddon
Clare Seddon Manager for the East & West Africa Team at World Vision Australia

Clare has also worked as Program Officer for the Rwanda and Tanzania programs. She has been a champion for a stronger focus on gender in WVA and led its gender audit process. Prior to joining WVA, she worked in Kiribati and as Program Co-ordinator for PALMS AUSTRALIA, facilitating placement of volunteers to the Pacific.

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Carlito Seguiro
Carlito Seguiro Small Scale Farmer and Chair of the Board of Trustees at MASIPAG (Farmer Scientist Partnership for Development)

Carlito Seguiro is a farmer in the Philippines.  He is the current Chair of the Board of Trustees of MASIPAG. 

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Jason Sharman
Prof Jason Sharman Centre for Governance and Public Policy, Griffith University

Professor Jason Sharman graduated with his Ph.D. in Political Science from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, before going on to work at American University in Bulgaria and the University of Sydney. In 2007 he took up an ARC Queen Elizabeth II Fellowship at Griffith University, jointly hosted by the Centre for Governance and Public Policy and the Griffith Asia Institute. Sharman’s research is currently focused on the regulation of global finance, especially as relates to money laundering, tax and offshore financial centres. Sharman has collaborated with the World Bank, Asian Development Bank, Commonwealth Secretariat, Financial Action Task Force on Money Laundering, Pacific Islands Forum, Asia-Pacific Economic Co-operation and various private sector groups.

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Melika Yassin Sheik-Eldin
Dr Melika Yassin Sheik-Eldin Manager, Settlement Partnerships, AMES

Dr Melika Yassin Sheik-Eldin is responsible for strategic community relations involving ongoing dialogue and capacity building partnerships with refugee communities and sector organizations for AMES in Victoria. More importantly, Melika oversees and mentors the successful and internationally recognized Community Guides Network; a bespoke, best practice program using members of a CALD community as integration guides for newly arrived refugees from the same cultural and linguistic background. This experience allows Melika to deliver new policy frameworks via formal consultation with community members and incorporate these learnings into the AMES Settlement Services model, while working with Managers through AMES to understand and incorporate the resulting implications for AMES wider education and employment programs. Dr Melika Yassin Sheikh Eldin has represented AMES and presented at UNHCR Conferences in Geneva from 2007 to 2011 and was part of the 2011 UNHCR Women’s Dialogue in Jordan.

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Kankelay Sierra Leone
Kankelay Sierra Leone Sierra Leonean refugee women’s choir

Kankelay has been delighting audiences in Melbourne since 2007 when a group of SIerra Leonean refugee women came together to sing and dance their traditional cultural repertoire. The women come from different groups in Sierra Leone and they teach their own songs to each other in rehearsal. For the women, the singing and dancing is a joyful confirmation of identity and culture, after years in camps and then the enormous adjustment that resettlement involves. What is so interesting about the performing group, besides the vibrant performance in traditional African attire, is the dynamic nature of their songs. Made in traditional form, the songs reflect the war at home, the strangeness of Australian life, what they have lost and what they bring to their new lives here. Kankelay is a group that tells us much about the power of song! "Dynamic, rhythmic, intensely moving, new songs for Australia and an integrity of performance that touches your soul!" Therese Virtue, The Boite, Melbourne

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Allison  Simons
Dr Allison Simons Assistant Director, International Sport for Development at the Australian Sports Commission

<p>Dr Allison Simons is currently working with the International Sport for Development section at the Australian Sports Commission, managing a team that delivers the Australian Sports Outreach Program (ASOP) across seven countries in the Pacific (Fiji, Vanuatu, Tonga, Nauru, Kiribati, Samoa and the Solomon Islands). She has been working in the field of sport for development for over five years.</p> <p>Prior to joining the Australian Sports Commission, Allison was the National Manager of footyWILD PRIDE Community Development at the Australian Football League (AFL) in South Africa, where she was involved in designing and implementing Sport for Development initiatives using Australian Football as a vehicle for social change among disadvantaged youth in South Africa's townships.</p>

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Margaret Simons
Margaret Simons Director of the Centre for Advanced Journalism, University of Melbourne, Freelance Journalist and Author

<p>Margaret Simons is an award-winning freelance journalist and author. She is also the Director of the Centre for Advanced Journalism and coordinator of the new Masters in Journalism at the University of Melbourne. She writes on media for Crikey, and has published ten books.</p> <p>Her most recent work includes Journalism at the Crossroads, published by Scribe in 2011, and the book Malcolm Fraser: The Political Memoirs co-written with former Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser and published by The Miegunyah Press in 2010. The latter book won both the Book of the Year and the Douglas Stewart Prize for Non-Fiction at the NSW Premier’s Literary Awards in 2011. Simons is presently working on a biography of the media proprietor, Kerry Stokes.<br />  </p>

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Peter Singer
Peter Singer World-renowned ethicist and author of the Life you can Save

Peter Singer was born in Melbourne and educated at the universities of Melbourne and Oxford. He has taught at Oxford, La Trobe and Monash universities and since 1999 and has been Ira W DeCamp Professor of Bioethics in the Center for Human Values at Princeton University. He also holds the part-time position of Laureate Professor and is a member of the Australian Research Council Special Research Centre for Applied Philosophy and Public Ethics (CAPPE) at the University of Melbourne. Peter is the author of several books on ethics including the seminal Animal Liberation and Democracy and Disobedience. His most recent book is The Life You Can Save. He is founding President of the International Association of Bioethics and, outside academic life, is the co-founder, and President, of The Great Ape Project, an international effort to obtain basic rights for chimpanzees, gorillas and orangutans. He is also President of Animal Rights International.

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Ernesto Sirolli
Dr. Ernesto Sirolli Sustainable Economic Development Expert and Founder of the Sirolli Institute

<p>Ernesto Sirolli is a noted authority in the field of sustainable economic development and is the Founder of the Sirolli Institute, an international non-profit organization that teaches community leaders how to establish and maintain Enterprise Facilitation projects in their community. The Institute is now training communities in the USA, Canada, Australia, England and Scotland.</p> <p>In 1985 in <span style="font-size: 12px;">a small rural community called</span><span style="font-size: 12px;"> </span><span style="font-size: 12px;">Esperance in Western Australia, he pioneered a unique economic development approach based on harnessing the passion, determination, intelligence, and resourcefulness of the local people. The striking results of "The Esperance Experience" have prompted more than 250 communities around the world to adopt responsive, person-centered approaches to local economic development similar to the Enterprise Facilitation® model pioneered in Esperance.</span></p> <p> </p>

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Hetifah Sjaifudian
Hetifah Sjaifudian Indonesian Member of Parliament

Hetifah Sjaifudian, PhD, is a Member of Indonesian Parliament from Golongal Karya Party. She graduated from the Department of Regional and City Planning- Bandung Institute of Technology and received her Master in Public Policy from the National University of Singapore. She was awarded her PhD from Asian Studies- Flinders University, Australia. Prior to joining the parliament, she was active in civil society organisations, promoting citizen participation and government reforms. Hetifah is the author of the book, "Innovation, Participation, and Good Governance: 20 Participaroty Initiatives in Indonesia." She actively promotes Indonesian women's participation in politics.

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Claire Slatter
Claire Slatter Development Expert, Fiji

Clare is a development expert and Senior Lecturer in Social Sciences at the Fiji National University. She has been a consultant with a number of Development agencies such as the WHO, UNDP Pacific Centre, IWDA, UNIFEM and Oxfam on issues around Gender Equality, Economic security and Human Rights and taught political studies in the Department of History and Politics at the University of the South Pacific for 17 years. Clare has a background in the nuclear free and independent Pacific movement, the women's movement, trade unionism and journalism, and is also a founding member of the third world feminist network, Development Alternatives with Women for a New Era (DAWN), and was its general coordinator from 1997-2004. She is a graduate of the University of the South Pacific (B.A), the Australian National University (M.A.), and Massey University (PhD).

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Alex Sloan
Alex Sloan Presenter, ABC Radio Canberra

<p>Alex is the presenter of Mornings on 666 ABC Canberra covering local and international issues, developments related topics and the arts. She has always been known for her strong interest in and coverage of environmental issues.</p> <p>Alex began her 22 year radio career in broadcasting and journalism as a rural reporter with the ABC in Tasmania, and has spent time working in a various rural offices around the country. With the ABC in Sydney, she travelled as a reporter to the United States, Japan, South Korea and Hong Kong after which she joined Radio National as a reporter-producer on the Breakfast program.</p> <p>Alex relocated to Canberra in 1995, a move that she has described as a homecoming, and she's refused to budge ever since.</p>

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