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Kooshyar Karimi
Kooshyar Karimi Refugee, Author of 'I Confess: Revelations in exile' and General Practitioner

<p>Kooshyar Karimi was born in the slums of Teheran, Iran, to a family living in abject poverty.He was only eleven years old when the Iranian Islamic Revolution ended the oldest lasting monarchy in the world.</p> <p>Amidst this post- revolutionary chaos, and the bloodshed of the Iran-Iraq war, Kooshyar pursued his education through to medical school with a determination to avoid war, stay alive, and support his mother. After over two years of military service, Kooshyar began to successfully practice medicine and began the research for his book, A History of Iranian Jews.</p> <p>It is due partly to this dangerous project that Kooshyar was kidnapped in 1998 by the Islamic Intelligence Service. Tortured, burnt, and whipped over sixty-five days, Kooshyar found himself faced with an unimaginable spy for MOIS (the Iranaian Internal Intelligence Service) against his own people or to be tortured slowly to death. His forced cooperation was a significant factor in the arrest of thirteen Iranian Jews in March 1999, a case that caused an international outcry.</p> <p>He is now an Australian citizen, practises medicine full-time in New South Wales, and writes in his spare time.</p>

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Nalini Kasynathan
Nalini Kasynathan Former South Asia Program Coordinator, Oxfam Australia

<p><span style="color: #000000">Nalini Kasynathan, BA (Hons), MA, has worked in the development sector for over 25 years She started her career as a Senior Lecturer in the Geography Department in Peradiniya University, Sri Lanka, and while there she was involved in a project supported by Cornel University, New York, to establish farmer-led water user groups in the Gal Oya development project (Sri Lanka) under the supervision of Professor Norman Uphoff, a significant contributor to Participatory Rural Development. </span></p> <p><span style="color: #000000">After migrating to Australia in 1986, Nalini joined Oxfam Australia as the South Asia Program Coordinator, from where she recently retired after over 20 years of service. While her focus has been on Sri Lanka for much of this time, Nalini also has experience in Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos and Central America. Nalini’s interests have been promoting gender equality, and identifying strategies to working with and building active citizenship among women and men living in poverty.</span></p> <p><span style="color: #000000"> In 2005, Nalini was granted the ACFID Sir Ron Wilson Human Rights Award in recognition of her achievements.<br /> </span></p>

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Randa Kattan
Randa Kattan CEO of Arab Council Australia

<p>Randa Kattan has been an active community leader for over two decades and has been vocal on promoting the status of women and social justice principles. She has worked in the areas of settlement, employment, youth, women and management and has initiated a range of anti-racist strategies, cultural and community building projects. Randa has led a number of organisations, projects and programs within and outside the Arabic community and has served on a range of high level and ministerial committees including: Premiers Council for Women, Premiers Crime Prevention Council, Anti Poverty Week NSW Facilitating Group, Implementation Committee of the Premiers Youth Partnership with Arabic speaking communities to name a few.</p> <p>Randa presently holds the position of Chief Executive Officer of Arab Council Australia and is the current Chairperson of the Sydney Alliance – a coalition of community organisations, trade unions and religious organisations.</p>

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Michael Kaufman
Michael Kaufman Ph.D Co Founder, White Ribbon Campaign

Michael Kaufman, Ph.D. is an educator and writer focused on engaging men and boys to promote gender equality and end violence against women. He has worked in forty-five countries, including extensively with the United Nations, as well as numerous governments and NGOs. He is the co-founder of the White Ribbon Campaign, the largest effort in the world of men working to end violence against women. He is the author or editor of six books on gender issues, on democracy and development studies, as well as an award-winning novel. His articles have been translated into fifteen languages. Married with two children, he lives in Toronto.

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Georgina Kekea
Georgina Kekea Prominent News Journalist, One News Television, Solomon Islands

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Scott Kelleher
Scott Kelleher Media Director, AusAID

<p> Scott joined AusAID in 2010 as the agency’s Media Director. Originally a journalist and magazine editor, he took a different career path into the NGO sector when he joined World Vision Australia in 1993. From 1994 to 1999 he spent his time in Africa, covering World Vision’s relief and development activities from the Sudan to South Africa as the regional photojournalist in Nairobi. Scott joined AMREF, the African Medical Research Foundation – Africa’s equivalent of the Royal Flying Doctor Service – as Communications Director in 1997.</p> <p>Scott returned home to Australia in 2000 to join the public service and has worked in senior media roles with the NSW Police, the Australian Federal Police, the Australian Institute of Criminology, the Australian Attorney-General’s Department and the Department of Immigration and Citizenship. He is responsible for AusAID’s day-to-day engagement with the media in support of the Government’s efforts to inform the public on the activities of the Australian aid program.</p>

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Fran Kelly
Fran Kelly Host, ABC Radio National's Breakfast Program

Fran Kelly hosts ABC Radio National’s agenda-setting Breakfast program. A respected current affairs journalist and political correspondent, Fran has her roots in music, singing for several bands in the 1970s, notably all-girl new wave band, Toxic Shoc. She later moved to radio full time, first with triple j and then on ABC Radio’s flagship current affairs programs AM and PM. Fran spent 10 years in the Canberra press gallery, including two years as political editor for ABC TV’s 7.30 Report. Following a stint as the ABC’s Europe correspondent, she returned home in 2005 to host Breakfast.

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Maryanne Kelly
Maryanne Kelly Director, Operations and Strategic Projects, Queensland Reconstruction Authority

<p>Maryanne holds a Bachelor of Commerce and a Master of Social Planning and Development and has worked for almost 15 years on the development, implementation and evaluation of social policies and programs with the Australian, United Kingdom and Queensland Governments. Since February 2011 she has worked with the Queensland Reconstruction Authority – a statutory body established to coordinate and monitor Queensland’s reconstruction and recovery in response to the 2010-11 disasters. Her key responsibilities at the Authority include: engaging the government, corporate and community sectors regarding the community aspects of recovery; supporting vulnerable homeowners to rebuild their damaged properties; and documenting the strategic disaster resilience projects being delivered throughout the State. Prior to joining the Authority she worked at the Queensland Department of Communities and led the development and implementation of the Human and Social Recovery Implementation Plan; a strategic cross-sector plan detailing community recovery priorities in response to the 2010-11 disaster events, key initiatives and services, and performance reporting requirements.</p>

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Tom Keneally
Tom Keneally Novelist and Non-Fiction Writer, Author of Three Famines: Starvation and Politics

Thomas Keneally was born in 1935 and his first novel was published in 1964. Since then he has written a considerable number of novels and non-fiction works including, The Chant of Jimmie Blacksmith, Schindler’s List, and The People’s Train. His latest non-fiction book was The Australians: Origins to Eureka. He has won the Miles Franklin Award, the Booker Prize, the Los Angeles Times Prize, the Mondello International Prize and has been made a Literary Lion of the New York Public Library, a Fellow of the American Academy, recipient of the University of California gold medal, and is now a 55 cent Australian stamp.

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Cheryl Kernot
Cheryl Kernot Chair of the Fair Trade Association of Australia and New Zealand, Former Member of Parliament and Director of Social Business at the Centre for Social Impact

Cheryl is the Director of Social Business at the Centre for Social Impact and is Chair of the Fair Trade Association of Australia and NZ. Since 2007 Cheryl has been an honorary board member of Foresters Community Finance which is pioneering social investment in social enterprises, and is also on the founding committee of a UK charity which works to provide shelter and education for street children in Kampala, Uganda. Cheryl was Leader of the Australian Democrats from 1993-1997, and the Member for Dickson and a Labor Shadow Minister from 1998-2001. Her political portfolios included Indigenous Affairs, Treasury, Employment, and Women's Policy. Following her distinguished political career, Cheryl spent five years working in the UK as a Programme Director at the Skoll Centre for Social Entrepreneurs at Oxford University and as the Director of Learning at the School for Social Entrepreneurs in London. Cheryl is one of the National Trust's 100 National Living Treasures.

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Duncan Kerr
Duncan Kerr Parliamentary Secretary for Pacific Island Affairs

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Dame Carol Kidu
Dame Carol Kidu DBE MP Former Leader of the Opposition and Minister for Community Development in Papua New Guinea

<p>Dame Carol Kidu, ( a teacher by profession) was first elected to Parliament in Papua New Guinea in 1997 and retired in the 2012 election.  She was the only woman in the 109 member Papua New Guinea Parliament and ended her political life as the Leader of the Opposition after a six month political impasse and Constitutional crisis.  She was the Minister for Community Development from 2002 until August 2011 and has been described as a “visionary reformer” because of her commitment to transform legislative and policy frameworks for social development in Papua New Guinea communities as they interface with Western society.  She has championed integrated community development policies with a special focus on social justice for marginalised groups. </p> <p>Dame Kidu has been awarded three Honorary Doctorates; the Imperial Award of Dame of the British Empire; the PNG International Woman of Courage Award by the Secretary of State of the United States of America; Pacific Person of the Year in 2007; the Regional Rights Resource Team Pacific Human Rights Award for her contribution to promoting the rights of Pacific Islanders; the Cross of Knight in the Order of the Legion d’Honneur of the Republic of France. These awards have recognised her commitment to improving the rights of marginalised or neglected groups such as women, the disabled, children, HIV positive people and indigenous minorities.  </p> <p>Dame Kidu is the Pacific representative on the Board of the Commonwealth of Learning; is an international advisor on the Board of the Cairns Institute, a member of the Global Commission on HIV and the Law, a member of Pacific Leaders Green Growth initiative, and a non resident Fellow of the Lowy Institute.<br />  </p>

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Damien Kingsbury
Damien Kingsbury Director of the Centre for Citizenship, Development and Human Rights at Deakin University, Author and International Affairs Contributor on ABC774 Melbourne

<p>Professor Damien Kingsbury is Director of the Centre for Citizenship, Development and Human Rights at Deakin University, Melbourne. He is author or editor of more than 20 books and dozens of books chapters and journal articles on political and security issues in South-East Asia, in particular on Indonesia and Timor-Leste. His recent books include ‘Sri Lanka and the Responsibility to Protect’ (2011), ‘East Timor: The Price of Liberty’ (2009), ‘Political Development’ (2007) and the Australian Strategic Policy Institute booklet ‘Two Steps Forward, One Step Back: Indonesia’s Arduous Path of Reform’ (2012).</p> <p>He was coordinator for Australian volunteer observers to Timor-Leste’s ballot for independence in 1999 and its elections in 2007 and 2012 and was advisor to the Free Aceh Movement for its successful 2005 Helsinki peace talks with the Indonesian government.</p>

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Madhu Kishwar
Madhu Kishwar Founder, Manushi Sangathan India

Madhu Kishwar is the founder of Manushi Sangathan, an organisation committed to strengthening democratic rights and women’s rights in India. She is the founder editor of Manushi - A Journal About Women and Society that has been published continuously since 1978. Her research at CSDS on the theme “Laws, Liberty and Livelihoods,” is aimed at giving a pro-poor direction to economic reforms in India. Kishwar is also the Director of the Indic Studies Project and Convenor of International Conferences on Religions and Cultures in the Indic Civilization.

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Steve Knapp
Steve Knapp Executive Director, Fairtrade Australia & New Zealand

Steve Knapp is the CEO of Fairtrade ANZ. Fairtrade is a global initiative that aims to improve livelihoods for farmers and workers in developing countries through fair terms of trade. Steve was involved in the establishment of Fairtrade ANZ as the Regional Labelling Initiative member of Fairtrade International. Steve is also a board member of Fairtrade International. Originally from the UK, Steve has a background in social enterprise and commercial business. He graduated from the London School of Economics and Post Grad Development Studies from Victoria University Wellington.

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Rachael Kohn
Rachael Kohn Producer and Presenter of 'The Spirit of Things' on ABC Radio National

Rachael Kohn began the <em>The Spirit of Things</em> in 1997, a program on the history and experience of religion and spirituality, which she produces and presents on ABC Radio National.<br /> <br /> Dr. Kohn taught Religious Studies at Sydney University, and in universities in England and Canada, and was awarded an Honorary Doctor of Letters by the University of New South Wales for her “outstanding contribution to fostering religious understanding” in the Australian community.<br /> <br /> Rachael has contributed to many books on the subject of religion  and has written CURIOUS OBSESSIONS IN THE HISTORY OF SCIENCE AND SPIRITUALITY (ABC Books, 2007) and  THE NEW BELIEVERS: REIMAGINING GOD (HarperCollins 2003).  <br />

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Pauline Komolong
Pauline Komolong Water Engineer, Oxfam Papua New Guinea

a water engineer working for the Oxfam Highlands Program in Papua New Guinea, funded by WaterAid Australia, which is supporting community water security as part of a wider focus on eace-building. Currently based in Goroka, a main town in the Highlands, Pauline is originally from Madang on the Northern Coast of PNG and was trained at the University of Technology in Lae.

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Rudo Kwaramba
Rudo Kwaramba National Director of World Vision Uganda

Rudo was previously Director of Advocacy, Communications and Education with World Vision UK, and before that National Director of World Vision Zimbabwe. She played a leading role in the UK Channel 4 TV documentary series, Millionaires Mission, filmed in Uganda. Rudo was born in Zimbabwe and is a human rights lawyer by profession. From private practice she moved into defending the rights of women survivors of gender violence through the Musasa Project. She then worked for a year as an Associate Protection Officer with the UN High Commissioner for Refugees before returning to the Musasa Project as Director. Rudo has served as an Executive Board Member for Zimbabwe of Women in Law and Development in Africa; a trustee of the Gateway Trust, managing a Christian education group of schools in Harare; and has been a member of the Advisory Board for the UNDP Government of Zimbabwe Capacity Building Project on Conflict Transformation. Rudo was also the chairperson for the National Association of Non Governmental Organisations.

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Khin Mar Mar Kyi
Khin Mar Mar Kyi Australian-Burmese activist, Anthropologist, Documentary Film Maker and Senior Consultant

<p>Mar is a celebrated Australian-Burmese activist and PhD scholar. Apart from her academic position as a social-visual Anthropologist and a documentary film maker, she is a former political prisoner. She is a passionate campaigner and educator for child protection including street children, who also works in combating trafficking and HIV/AIDS as part of fighting for the rights of Burmese migrants on the Thai-Burma border. </p> <p>She has won many awards including ‘the Australia Day Unsung Hero award’ in 2008 and the Australian National University Asian Studies award in 2009 and was a nominee for the Australian International Women's Day Award in 2010.</p> <p>Her acclaimed documentary film, 'Dreams of Dutiful Daughters' has been reviewed as one of the most important and incredible films on Burma. One reviewer notes that 'Dreams of Dutiful Daughters' is a ‘powerful and moving film’ and has 'a quality of human spirit that gives it strong potential to have an effect in the world, if not for the women who directly share their stories, then for the thousands of other Burmese women in similarly precarious circumstances'.</p> <p>Currently Mar is working as a senior consultant, researcher and advisor for many international non-government, government and community organizations including AFP, DFAT, and AusAIDs. She is also engaged in completing another documentary film called ‘Tales of Yee Yee’.</p> <p> </p>

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