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Liz Jackson
Liz Jackson Senior Reporter, Four Corners, ABCTV

Liz Jackson is a senior reporter at the ABC <em>Four Corners </em>program. Liz graduated with a first class honours in Philosophy and Literature from the University of Melbourne, before studying Law in London.<br />  <br /> She joined the ABC in 1986, as a reporter on ABC Radio National. She presented weekly magazine and specialist programs including radio documentaries from Somalia, Cambodia, Russia, Georgia, and Pakistan.<br />  <br /> In 1994 Liz Jackson joined <em>Four Corners. </em>Her work as a reporter has included coverage of the fall of the Soeharto regime in Indonesia, corruption in international cricket, the war in Iraq and sexual abuse in Aboriginal communities.<br />  <br /> During her time at <em>Four Corners</em> she has won three Logie Awards for Outstanding Coverage of Public Affairs,  seven Walkley Awards for her coverage of Indigenous Issues, International Affairs, Sport and Social Equity, and two Human Rights Awards.<br />  <br /> In 2005 Liz Jackson presented the ABC’s <em>Media Watch</em> program, returning to <em>Four Corners</em> in 2006.<br />  <br /> In 2006 she won the Gold Walkley for Excellence in Journalism.<br />

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Bruce Jenks
Bruce Jenks Assistant Secretary-General and Director of the Partnerships Bureau, United Nations Development Program

Assistant Secretary-General and Director of the Partnerships Bureau, United Nations Development Program (UNDP), responsible for relationships with UNDP’s key constituencies and development partners including the International Financial Institutions, civil society, the private sector and foundations. Mr Jenks has worked with UNDP since 1981 in roles including Director of Budget, and UNDP Representative in Brussels. He holds a Ph.D in International Relations from Oxford University, and M.A.s from Cambridge University and John Hopkins SAIS. He is in Australia for the Business for Millennium Development Summit 08.

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Frank Jotzo
Dr Frank Jotzo Deputy Director, Australian National University Climate Change Institute

Frank Jotzo is one of Australia’s leading environmental and resource economists, specialising in the economics and policy of climate change. He has worked and published on these topics and other aspects of international and development economics since 1998. His regional specialisation is Australia and the Asia-Pacific region, in particular Indonesia. He has worked and consulted for several governments and international organisations - career highlights include Economic Adviser to Garnaut Climate Change Review, Consultant to the World Bank, Researcher for Stanford University project, Research Economist with ABARE, and work with economics and environment think tanks in Indonesia and Germany. His research and teaching interests include Development and environment, international climate policy, economic mechanisms for greenhouse gas control, and adaptation to climate change, resource and environmental management in Indonesia and other countries of the Asia-Pacific. Frank is a Research Fellow at the Resource Management in Sia-Pacific Program and The Arndt-Corden Division of Economics.

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Andrew Judge
Andrew Judge Chief Executive Officer, SurfAid International

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