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Sharon Bhagwan Rolls -

Founder and Coordinator of femLINKPACIFIC Community Media Initiatives for Women, and Fijian Political Activist
Sharon Bhagwan Rolls - Fiji Islander Sharon Bhagwan Rolls is known as a "suitcase radio" pioneer. As founder of the feminist-based non-government organisation femLINKPACIFIC, she has enabled women's voices and perspectives to be heard by political leaders using a simple mobile radio kit.

In 2006, Sharon initiated the regional women’s media and policy network on UN Security Council Resolution 1325, which links Pacific Peacewomen from Bougainville (PNG), Solomon Islands, Tonga and Fiji to policy makers from the regional and global level. The network focuses on advocating for the prevention of the resurgence of violence and the equal participation of women in national and sub-national political and decision making spaces in Pacific society.
The network has been instrumental in advocating for a Regional Action Plan on Women, Peace and Security. Subsequently she was appointed to the UN Civil Society Advisory Group on UNSCR1325/Women, Peace and Security and since December 2010 has been the co-chair of a Pacific Working Group on Women, Peace and Security.  In 2012, Sharon was elected to the GPPAC Board and appointed to the UN Women Global Civil Society Advisory Group.

Sharon has an acute interest in media and women, peace and security policy, and at a policy level, and her work in recent years has seen her vigorously lobby formal and informal Government forums for gender sensitivity and balance in ICT Policy, as well as the regional implementation of “1325” within the Forum Regional Security Committee of the Pacific Islands Forum and the Pacific missions at the United Nations.
Passionate about content development and distribution, Sharon’s work today enables and empowers community media production in print, digital story-telling, online/social media and Television to increase visibility of women and young women’s viewpoints and realities.
She contributes to several global media and communications networks including ISIS Manila International, the World Association of Christian Communications and the World Association of Community Radio Broadcasters. In 2011 she was appointed to the Programme Management Group of the Pacific Media Assistance Scheme – PACMAS.

Sharon Bhagwan Rolls is an avid communicator and writer and her work has appeared in a range of publications. She is also a regular commentator on Radio Australia’s Pacific Beat programme.