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Dr. Samson Baba

Director General of Community and Public Health, South Sudan
Samson Baba Dr. Samson started working in the General Medical Commission in 1979. During this period, he was also the Government Coordinator to the Usratuna Centre for Handicapped Children where he was involved in Advising the State Government on matters pertaining to handicapped children and also initiation of development projects in conjunction with the Centre donors, among other things. 

Between 1996 and 1998, Dr. Baba worked with the Diocese of Torit as the Project Administrator for Boma Rural Hospital. Among his various duties were coordination and ensuring of optimal utilisation of human, material and financial resources in the management of health care. From 1998 to 2002 he worked for a period as the Medical Coordinator/Program Manager and then as the Liaison Officer in Nairobi for ZOA Refugee Care, an NGO from the Netherlands.  He has also conducted various consultancies and written publications, mostly on Trachoma, OV which are some of the Neglected Tropical Diseases found in South Sudan.

South Sudan has experienced many wars but the last one was the longest and took 22 years until the signing of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement in 2005. A group of South Sudanese, including Dr. Baba, who were refugees by then and working in Nairobi came together and formed the Secretariat of Health for South Sudan. This was later transformed into the Ministry of Health in 2006. Dr. Baba has since been working in the Ministry of Health in various capacities and he has been instrumental in the growth of the Ministry. He wrote the Blue Print of the Health Policy for South Sudan and also held various chair positions, among them Chair of Skills for South Sudan, based in Oxford and founding member of Sudan Health Association which is an NGO working in South Sudan. 
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