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Rosaria Martins da Cruz

Director, HIAM Health, Timor Leste
Rosaria Martins da Cruz Born and raised in East Timor, Rosaria has dedicated her life to help the socially disadvantaged and the poorest of the poor. As a young girl she was disturbed by the injustices and violence she was surrounded by as a result of the conflict in the region, and there began a career in public health. She has worked in a private clinic in Dare, with the Christian Brothers at the Edmund Rise Centre, as a doctor with the International Force (Interfet) in Timor Leste, and as a volunteer for the Dili National Hospital. In 2004, Rosaria established HIAM Health – HIAM standing for “hamutuk ita ajuda malu” or “together we help each other” – working with the people of Timor Leste to reduce high infant and maternal mortality rates and to alleviate the problems created by long-term hunger and malnutrition.
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