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Rob Coombs

President and CEO, InterfaceFLOR, Asia Pacific
Rob Coombs After graduating a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Melbourne in 1979, Rob Coombs began work in product marketing management within the grocery sector. After moving on to sales and marketing roles in footwear and apparel manufacturing, Rob moved to the UK in 1988 and joined Interface, a manufacturer of commercial carpets and furniture fabrics. Rob returned to Australia in 1993 but rejoined Interface in 1996 as Australian Managing Director. After moving through a number of senior management roles within the company in Europe and Asia Pacific, Rob was appointed President and CEO of a newly formed Asia Pacific division on 2002. Rob is a member of the Board of the Green Building Council of Australia contributing a manufacturer perspective on the need to create a built environment in harmony with nature. Interface Inc., led by its founder and Chairman Ray Anderson, is a leading proponent of sustainable business development via its Mission Zero- a commitment to eliminate any negative impact the company may have on the environment by the year 2020.
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