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Randa Kattan

CEO of Arab Council Australia
Randa Kattan

Randa Kattan has been an active community leader for over two decades and has been vocal on promoting the status of women and social justice principles. She has worked in the areas of settlement, employment, youth, women and management and has initiated a range of anti-racist strategies, cultural and community building projects. Randa has led a number of organisations, projects and programs within and outside the Arabic community and has served on a range of high level and ministerial committees including: Premiers Council for Women, Premiers Crime Prevention Council, Anti Poverty Week NSW Facilitating Group, Implementation Committee of the Premiers Youth Partnership with Arabic speaking communities to name a few.

Randa presently holds the position of Chief Executive Officer of Arab Council Australia and is the current Chairperson of the Sydney Alliance – a coalition of community organisations, trade unions and religious organisations.

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