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Ramla Giirre

Co-founder of Muslim Girls Kollective South Australia and Migration Support Programs Caseworker at Australian Red Cross
Ramla Giirre Ramla Giirre is a Social Work and International Relations alumni at the University of South Australia.  She is currently perusing a Graduate Certificate of International Development at Flinders University. She currently works as a Migration Support Programs caseworker for the Australian Red Cross.
She has represented Australia at international conferences in the Czech Republic, Kenya and Switzerland. She gained mainstream attention by introducing the burkini, Islamically appropriate swimwear, to South Australian surf lifesaving clubs.
As a former Somali refugee her real passion is a group she established called the Muslim Girls Kollective of South Australia, where she uses her knowledge and experiences to inspire younger girls to aim high.
In 2008, she co-founded the Muslim Girls Kollective South Australia (MGKSA) in Adelaide, a ground-breaking initiative aimed at giving young Muslim women and refugees the opportunity to access educational and recreational activities in their community.
This program is a mentoring and social inclusion program. MGKSA focused on promotion of social inclusion, education and strategies of building resilience in members and the target population.
She hopes to complete her Graduate Certificate and pursue a Masters in Health and International Development at Flinders University. In the near future she plans to work as an aid worker in the Asia-Pasific region. She has a love for volunteering and documentaries.
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