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Rachel Nordlinger (Introduction)

Deputy Director, Research Unit for Indigenous Language, University of Melbourne
Rachel Nordlinger (Introduction) Rachel Nordlinger is Associate Professor and Reader in Linguistics and Deputy Director of the Research Unit for Indigenous Language at the University of Melbourne, where she returned after completing her PhD at Stanford University, USA in 1997. 

Rachel’s research centres around the description and documentation of Australia’s indigenous languages, and she has spent the 20+ years working with the Bilinarra, Wambaya, Gudanji, Murrinh-Patha and Marringarr communities of the Northern Territory to record and preserve their traditional languages.  She has also published on syntactic and morphological theory, and in particular the challenges posed by the complex grammatical structures of Australian Aboriginal languages.  She is the author of numerous academic articles in international journals, and four books, including A Grammar of Wambaya (Pacific Linguistics, 1998) and Constructive Case: Evidence from Australian languages (CSLI Publications, 1998).

Rachel currently leads a 5-year project funded by the Australian Research Council, which examines the processes by which indigenous children in Wadeye (N.T.) learn the traditional language Murrinh-Patha.