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Natasha Mitchell

Presenter on Life Matters, ABC Radio National
Natasha Mitchell Natasha Mitchell hosts the national, daily morning show, Life Matters, on ABC Radio National. She was the founding presenter & producer of the popular science, psychology & culture radio program, All in the Mind, from 2002-12. 

Natasha is currently vice president of the World Federation of Science Journalists, and has served on the board of the WFSJ since 2009. Her broadcast work has received accolades internationally, including the overall Grand Prize and 4 Gold World Medals at the New York Radio Festivals, among other awards. She was recipient of a prestigious Knight Fellowship at MIT/Harvard in 2005-6, and a Marine Biological Laboratory Journalism Fellowship at Woods Hole. She served on the National Health and Medical Research Council’s Human Genetics Advisory Committee from 2009-11.

Natasha originally trained as an engineer, and her first foray into radio was hosting a punk music show at university. She has been a broadcaster with the ABC since 1997. Natasha is co-editor of the forthcoming anthology, Best Australian Science Writing 2013. This year she will chair her third science dialogue with the Dalai Lama and guests.