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Hon Dr Meredith Burgmann

President of the Australian Council for International Development
Meredith Burgmann Dr Meredith Burgmann was radicalised by her early anti Vitnam War and anti Apartheid activities and became involved in the early feminist movement .She worked as an Academic for 20 years and was the first woman President of the Academics Union of NSW. She was elected to Parliament from 1991 to 2007 and was President of the NSW Legislative Council for eight years. She has written two books, one about Australian misogyny and one about the early environment movement.

She has a long involvement with development issues, especially around governance, and has undertaken UNDP consultancies in Vietnam, Timor L’Este, and UAE. She has recently been working in Bougainville, the Solomons  and PNG trying to get women candidates elected to Parliament.  She is currently the President of the Australian Council for International Development. She lives in inner-city Sydney and has a passion for Aboriginal art and the Sydney Swans which she shares with her son Paddy.
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