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Melissa Wood

Director of the new Australian International Food Security Centre (AIFSC)
Melissa Wood

Ms Mellissa Wood is the Director of the new Australian International Food Security Centre (AIFSC). Melissa is passionate about supporting African-led food security priorities. Ms Wood has international experience in food security issues having returned to Australia in 2012 after working with the Rome-based Global Crop Diversity Trust for two years as Director of Operations and for three years as the Director of Program Development.

In these roles she has worked with many partners and engaged with global institutions, including the FAO, the CGIAR, World Bank and major donor organisations and governments. Prior to this, Ms Wood's 15 years of Australian experience includes as a Program Leader, Information and Biosecurity Risk Sciences, in the Bureau of Rural Sciences within the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry. In that role Ms Wood managed the establishment of the Australian Centre of Excellence for Risk Analysis.

Prior to that, Ms Wood was Manager of the National Forest Inventory. Ms Wood has led scientific teams working on natural resource management issues, monitoring and sustainability reporting, the development of online tools for knowledge management, conservation agriculture and food security. She has partnered with international Governments, the Australian Commonwealth and state governments, industry bodies and with national and international NGOs and farmer groups.

She holds a BSc in Resource Environmental Management from the Australian National University.

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