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Kooshyar Karimi

Refugee, Author of 'I Confess: Revelations in exile' and General Practitioner
Kooshyar Karimi

Kooshyar Karimi was born in the slums of Teheran, Iran, to a family living in abject poverty.He was only eleven years old when the Iranian Islamic Revolution ended the oldest lasting monarchy in the world.

Amidst this post- revolutionary chaos, and the bloodshed of the Iran-Iraq war, Kooshyar pursued his education through to medical school with a determination to avoid war, stay alive, and support his mother. After over two years of military service, Kooshyar began to successfully practice medicine and began the research for his book, A History of Iranian Jews.

It is due partly to this dangerous project that Kooshyar was kidnapped in 1998 by the Islamic Intelligence Service. Tortured, burnt, and whipped over sixty-five days, Kooshyar found himself faced with an unimaginable spy for MOIS (the Iranaian Internal Intelligence Service) against his own people or to be tortured slowly to death. His forced cooperation was a significant factor in the arrest of thirteen Iranian Jews in March 1999, a case that caused an international outcry.

He is now an Australian citizen, practises medicine full-time in New South Wales, and writes in his spare time.