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Khin Mar Mar Kyi

Australian-Burmese activist, Anthropologist, Documentary Film Maker and Senior Consultant
Khin Mar Mar Kyi

Mar is a celebrated Australian-Burmese activist and PhD scholar. Apart from her academic position as a social-visual Anthropologist and a documentary film maker, she is a former political prisoner. She is a passionate campaigner and educator for child protection including street children, who also works in combating trafficking and HIV/AIDS as part of fighting for the rights of Burmese migrants on the Thai-Burma border. 

She has won many awards including ‘the Australia Day Unsung Hero award’ in 2008 and the Australian National University Asian Studies award in 2009 and was a nominee for the Australian International Women's Day Award in 2010.

Her acclaimed documentary film, 'Dreams of Dutiful Daughters' has been reviewed as one of the most important and incredible films on Burma. One reviewer notes that 'Dreams of Dutiful Daughters' is a ‘powerful and moving film’ and has 'a quality of human spirit that gives it strong potential to have an effect in the world, if not for the women who directly share their stories, then for the thousands of other Burmese women in similarly precarious circumstances'.

Currently Mar is working as a senior consultant, researcher and advisor for many international non-government, government and community organizations including AFP, DFAT, and AusAIDs. She is also engaged in completing another documentary film called ‘Tales of Yee Yee’.