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Khadija Gbla

Peer Educator, Advocate for Equality, Cross Cultural Consultant
Khadija Gbla

Khadija Gbla is a passionate leader of the African community and an inspired advocate for equality. She has been a peer educator for the Women’s Health Statewide program on female genital mutilation since 2004, and for SHine SA, the leading sexual health agency in South Australia, since 2006.

She is also a member of the YWCA and was a member of the Steering Group which established our Two Degrees of Separation program, which offers mentoring support to young women from a variety of backgrounds.

Khadija volunteers with South Australian Council of Social Services and Multicultural Youth South Australia Inc, where she helps facilitate workshops on mental health issues. She was secretary of the Charles Sturt Youth Advisory Committee and Chair of the Charles Sturt Mental Health sub-committee.

Khadija attended the 20/20 Summit in Canberra and is now a member of the Office for Youth A Team. Khadija is determined to give women, young people and minority groups a voice. Khadija provides a multicultural perspective on youth issues and concerns.

 Currently studying Law and politics at Flinders University,

For her social justice activities Khadija has been recognised by a number of significant Australian business and political organisations, and in 2011 was named Young South Australian of the Year and Young African Australian of the Year.

 Khadija has begun work on a new magazine called Chocolate. This magazine is the focus of her determination to help refugees in their new home in Australia.

 Finally khadija runs her own consultancy which offers cross cultural training for organisations, private companies and government agencies, Advocacy and motivational speaking.


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