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Johnson Ngor

Vice President of South Sudan Educates Girls
Johnson Ngor

Johnson Ngor was born in 1978 in Aweil, Southern Sudan.. In the 1980’s civil war broke out and his father strongly opposed the Government. As a result, he fled to Ethiopia for safety. From Ethiopia he sent Johnsons mother a letter telling her to come to Ethiopia. His sister was four and therefore had to stay with his Grandmother when Johnson, his mother and nearly 2000 other women and children, began the walk to Ethiopia. During this journey they had to cross the Nile River, where his mother drowned along with many other women and children.

It took three months to reach the refugee camp in Ethiopia, only to discover his father had been killed when Government soldiers attacked the refugee camp. Johnson, at seven, was one of the lost boys of Sudan. 20,000 boys were displaced or orphaned by the civil war.

At the age of 20, Johnson was admitted to Australia as a refugee and after 17 years of not knowing, found out his sister was still alive. He went to see her for the first time in 2007 in Khartoum.

He now has his own family including two young children. He has completed a degree in Economics from the University of Western Sydney, and is now working as a Community Development worker for CatholicCare Social Services and a Pastoral Care Worker for the Catholic Archdiocese of Sydney. 

Johnson had no access to education as a child and therefore knows its importance, this is why he is so dedicated and passionate about opening up a school for girls in his hometown. Johnson truly believes in the phrase ‘educate a woman, educate a nation’.