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Jo Laverty

Producer and occasional Host, Ross Solly’s Breakfast program, ABC 666 Canberra
Jo Laverty

Jo Laverty is the producer of Ross Solly’s breakfast program and has been with ABC 666 since the day of the bushfires in 2003. Her favourite time of day is 6:15am-6:30am when she chats on air with Ross Solly about life, lunacy and world events that you might not hear about on news bulletins.

While listening to the radio at home in Darwin on a hot and humid evening years ago, Jo did what a lot of teenagers do and decided to call the guy doing the Hot 30 countdown to request a song. From that phone call, she somehow ended up with a gig on the station, and so began a life in radio.

In this life, Jo never thought she'd stand in the Dome Of Death (that metal dome thing that motorbikes ride on the INSIDE of while brushing scarily close to the poor bloke on the inside), she didn't even know where Port Augusta was, let alone thought she'd work there, and when she was a kid watching The Goodies she didn't realise that one day she would sit on a music review panel with Tim Brooke-Taylor and Graeme Garden.