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James Batley

Deputy Director-General, Asia Pacific and Program Enabling Group, AusAID
James Batley James Batley joined AusAID in February 2011 as Deputy Director-General of the Asia Pacific and Program Enabling Group. Mr Batley has extensive experience working in the Pacific, having held positions in Vanuatu, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands and Indonesia. He was also Australia High Commissioner to Solomon Islands, Deputy Leader of the regional Truce Monitoring Group (TMG) in Bougainville and Chief Negotiator of the TMG's successor, the Peace Monitoring Group. Mr Batley also served as Australia's senior diplomatic representative in Dili, East Timor, and was appointed Australian Ambassador to East Timor. Following this, Mr Batley was Australia's High Commissioner to Fiji. Mr Batley has held a range of positions in Canberra, most recently as First Assistant Secretary of the Consular, Public Diplomacy and Parliamentary Affairs Division of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. He was awarded the Public Service Medal in 2002.