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Ipul Powaseu

Executive Officer, National Research Institute, PNG
Ipul Powaseu Ipul is a person with a disability who has been instrumental in working for the rights for disabled people in Papua New Guinea, particularly in access to public facilities and amenities and as a facilitator for national policy initiatives. Prior to her role at the National Research Institute, Ipul worked at the National Agricultural Research Institute where she was Senior Information and Outreach Liaison Officer. Before that, she worked with the Secretariat of the Pacific Community in Fiji, and was Head of the Scientific Liaison Unit at the Coffee Research Division of the Coffee Industry Corporation. Ipul has a Masters in Business (Communication Management) from Queensland University of Technology and a Bachelor of Environmental Science from the University of PNG. As Ipul herself says: “I have never seen myself as a disabled person. I believe that as long as I have the brain, I can contribute to nation building.”
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