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Eleanor Hall

Presenter, The World Today, ABC Radio
Eleanor Hall Eleanor Hall has been with the ABC for 12 years, working both as a reporter and presenter in news and current affairs. Eleanor’s media experience spans the globe. She has a master’s degree in Journalism from New York’s ivy league Columbia University and spent two years working and studying in the USA as a recipient of the prestigious Harkness Fellowship. Eleanor has also worked on Lateline, as both a reporter and political correspondent. In 1998 she was the ABC’s Washington correspondent covering the Clinton impeachment. Her most recent ABC Television incarnation was as a roving reporter for Foreign Correspondent, reporting from a range of countries including India, the UK, Hungary, Thailand and the Philippines. In 2000 Eleanor joined ABC Radio's current affairs reporting team serving AM, PM and The World Today. After a short break for maternity leave, Eleanor returned to present AM over the Christmas 2000 period, which led her to take up her current position as presenter of The World Today.