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Duncan MacLaren

Former Secretary General of Caritas Internationalis, Coordinator of ACU's Refugee Program on the Thai-Burma border and Lecturer
Duncan MacLaren Duncan MacLaren, originally from Scotland, is the former Secretary General of Caritas Internationalis and currently lectures at the Australian Catholic University on Catholic approaches to humanitarian and development work, as well as coordinates ACU's Refugee Program on the Thai-Burma border which offers university education to Burmese refugees in camps in Thailand. Prior to coming to Australia in 2007, Duncan had worked at the Vatican as Director of International Relations for Caritas Internationalis; Executive Director of SCIAF (the Scottish Caritas); national press officer for the SNP; and a researcher in the House of Commons, London. He has degrees in languages and theology and development studies and also studied at Julius-Maximilian University in Germany. Duncan has spoken and written extensively on humanitarian and development topics, refugees, Catholic agency identity and Catholic Social Teaching, and as of next year will be teaching the new Bachelor of International Development Studies at ACU.
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