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Prof Dennis Altman AM

Director, Institute for Human Security, La Trobe University
Dennis Altman Dennis Altman is a writer and academic who first came to attention with the publication of his book Homosexual: Oppression & Liberation in 1972. This book, which has often been compared to Greer’s Female Eunuch and Singer’s Animal Liberation was the first serious analysis to emerge from the gay liberation movement, and was published in seven countries, with a readership which continues today. [In 2010 it was published in Japan] Since then Altman has written eleven books, exploring sexuality, politics and their inter-relationship in Australia, the United States and now globally. These include The Homosexualization of America; AIDS and the New Puritanism; Rehearsals for Change, a novel (The Comfort of Men) and memoirs (Defying Gravity). His book, Global Sex (Chicago U.P, 2001), has been translated into five languages, including Spanish, Turkish and Korean. Most recently he published Gore Vidal’s America (Polity) and Fifty First State. Altman is Professor of Politics and Director of the Institute for Human Security at LaTrobe University in Melbourne.