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Deepa Gupta

Executive Director, Indian Youth Climate Network
Deepa Gupta Deepa is the co-founder and an Executive Director of the Indian Youth Climate Network, which is working to build India’s youth movement on climate change. In 2008, Deepa coordinated the first Indian Youth Delegation at COP14. She also launched IYCNs climate leadership program, and since then has trained hundreds of youth in India to take action on climate change, resulting in the launch of many eco-action groups and grassroots projects. She aims to ensure that Indian youth voices, especially those from climate affected communities, are heard and seen nationally and internationally. Deepa is also currently working with Green Economy India on green jobs, green businesses and green courses to support India’s transition into a greener economy. Deepa previously worked with the Australian Youth Climate Coalition (AYCC) where she worked on religion and climate change and has continued her interaction with faith groups in India. She has also previously worked with PricewaterhouseCoopers, where she joined their Business Assurance division and moved on to work with their climate change practice; and also worked in project management with Saviom. Deepa is currently a studying bachelor of commerce at UTS. She is of Indian background and has grown up in Australia, therefore envisions the two countries working closer together in combatting climate change.