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Dr Chiung-wen (Julia) Hsu

2011-2012 Fulbright Scholar and Associate Professor at National Cheng Chi University, Taiwan
Chiung-wen (Julia) Hsu Dr. Chiung-wen (Julia) Hsu is the 2011-2012 Fulbright Scholar and an associate professor at National Cheng Chi University, Taiwan. Hsu earned her Ph.D. degree in communication at SUNY-Buffalo in 2003. As a former TV journalist, Hsu covered many traumatic accidents. Thus, after being a communication scholar, she has been working on journalism and trauma. Following Typhoon Morakot which hit Taiwan badly in 2009, she not only started a blog (Trauma News Watch) as an informative platform for reporters regarding ethical treatment of victims, peer support and handling emotions, but also promoted the idea of how communication facilitates disaster management (DM). With the new paradigm to review DM, she has received grants from Taiwan's National Science Council, Interchange Association, Japan and Fulbright Foundation, U.S. for research in trauma and journalism and disaster and communication interdisciplinary study. She has also been invited to give talks to DM officers, NGOs and researchers.