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Angelina da Costa Fernandes

Maternal and Child Health Program Manager at Fundasaun Alola, Timor Leste
Angelina da Costa Fernandes After graduating from the Health Nursing School and Midwifery Education Program in 1986, Angelina Da Costa Fernandes worked as Nurse Midwife at Community Health center in Baucau District- Timor Leste. From 1999–2001, she joined Medicines Sans Frontiers in Dili as a Nurse Midwife at the Clinic Refugees Center (CRC) on conducting consultation for returning refugees just as they arrive in Dili returning from West Timor, Indonesia. Angelina identified those who needed medical attention, made assessments, and determined which people needed further treatment and referral to the ICRC Hospital.

Angelina later joined Fundasaun Alola in 2003 as an Assistant Coordinator and Trainer to the Timor-Leste National Breastfeeding Association. Alola was the first National NGO supported by UNICEF to promote breastfeeding information across the country. In order to reinforce this program she joined 6 other Senior Midwifes from the Ministry of Health lead by Dr. Carla Quintao as a specialist feeding, to deliver 40 hours breastfeeding training to the health workers and Mothers Support Group (MSG) that establish by Alola in Village level.   

In 2006, the Dili National Hospital and Baucau referral Hospital recognize as a Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative (BFHI) based on assessment and Angelina was the key contact person and organizer, as well as a member of the preparation committee for the BFHI.

The Timor-Leste National Breastfeeding Association was handed over to the Ministry of Health (MoH) Nutrition Department in 2009. To facilitate the handover process, Fundasaun Alola seconded Angelina Fernandes a senior staff member for two days per week to work with the MoH. She assisted in coordinating and organizing the implementation of the BFHI, providing Infant and Young Child Breastfeeding training for health workers and advocating for a breastfeeding policy and an international code for breast milk substitutes.

Since 2011 Angelina has worked as the Maternal and Child Health Program Manager at Fundasaun Alola. She also provides technical support for the Nutrition Department- MoH and the Infant and Young Child Feeding Focal Point for Timor Leste under International Baby Food Action Network (IBFAN) Southeast Asia. 
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