Who we are

About One Just World

We believe a Just World is one in which:

  • no one is denied access to health care
  • no one is exploited at work
  • no one lacks opportunities because of physical or mental capabilities
  • no one goes to bed hungry
  • everyone is able provide for their family
  • everyone has access to clean water
  • children are cherished, protected and can look forward with optimism
  • big businesses give back
  • education is fair and accessible
  • we care for our environment
  • women are empowered personally, financially, politically and intellectually
  • individuals human rights are respected
  • extreme poverty is an issue of the past

One Just World is an Australia-wide series of free, Q & A style forums aimed at involving the community in conversation and debate on key international development and social justice issues. Since 2008, we have held over 60 thought-provoking forums with panels of experts and civilians engaging in discussion about these issues.

We are a partnership between World Vision Australia and the Australian Government. We also partner with a university in each city we visit, and regularly with other Non Government Organisations and Festivals who share our interests and values. We believe in strength in collaboration.

Together we are dedicated to seeing sustainable and lasting change in our world and the elimination of extreme poverty.

Our aim:

Through sharing knowledge and igniting conversation we hope to contribute to a well-informed and engaged community that is responsive and supportive of effective development initiatives. By connecting you with people and organisations that are making a difference, we hope to be contributing to a more engaged and active community.

We believe in active citizen participation in development assistance programs through volunteering, pro bono support, donating, advocating for and working in the international and community development sector. We think the first step is participating in the conversation. This will equip you with the important information and connect you to people who share your passion and organisations that are making a change.

Our forums:

Each forum involves an amazing range of expert panellists who share their experiences, knowledge, ideas and suggestions. Our panellists are all directly involved in the topic, individually or as a representative of a company or organisation – many of them with a genuine grass-roots perspective.

Each forum covers a unique topic that highlights and communicates the gender dimensions and other cross cutting themes in relationship with development objectives.

Our forums also offer you the opportunity to engage directly with our panellists. We welcome your questions, suggestions and thoughts at all of our forums and on an everyday basis on our website, Facebook Page, and Twitter.

All our forums are filmed so that no matter which city you live in, you can take part in the presentation and discussion. Forum videos are available after the event; podcasts can be downloaded so you can listen to One Just World forums on the run.